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G3 Expedition climbing skins 90mm

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Climbing skins Expedition - the Expedition Climbing Skins are a time-tested, durable and affordable climbing skin option for new backcountry users. A classic tip loop and tail hook connection system offers easy adjustability to match all ski lengths. Perfect for the budget conscious skier looking for a skin that will let them explore the backcountry.

New features: 

Removable RipStrip

  • Reduces skin-to-skin adhesion, making it easier to pull apart skins. New this year, if your glue gets contaminated on an epic transverse, you can remove the rip strip for extra adhesion

New details: 

  • Size: 145 mm width option. Lenght adjustment of 16 cm. 
  • Skin wallet: Slim profile for easy, efficient packing in the field.

G3’ unique climbing skin features:

30 C/-22 F: Unlike most other skins, G3’s proprietary skin adhesive is specifically formulated to be fully functional and usable down to -22 F/-30 C. A unique G3 feature that you’ll  notice when you need it the most

NON-TOXIC ADHESIVE: G3’s proprietary adhesive does not use or produce any toxic or environmentally harmful ingredients during the manufacturing process. Feel safe and comfortable when using and working with G3 skins – we do!

ULTRA GLIDE: A fast finish unique to G3 that provides ultra  gliding performance unmatched by any other climbing skin without compromising traction

WATEP PROOF: G3 skins come with a durable factory hydrophobic waterproof treatment that keeps the skins dry, preventing dreaded “ice clumping” from ruining your tour. This feature results in fewer frustrations and far less fatigue while touring through multiple temperature zones.

TRIM TOOL: With a double-blade design and an ergonomic grip, G3’s famous climbing skin trim tool quickly and easily  trims skins for a perfect fit. With a built-in offset each cut is precise, leaving the ski edges slightly exposed; making you  look like a pro.

MADE  IN CANADA: G3 Climbing Skins are proudly manufactured in Canada, right at G3’s head office in North Vancouver, BC. Just minutes away, the North Shore mountains provide the perfect testing and proving ground for every new skin feature or fabric that leaves our office

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